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Epilaser - Your New Secret

Meet Epilaser, from Epilady, the ultimate solution for smooth and targeted laser facial hair removal. Small, sophisticated, ergonomically designed and trendy, Epilaser is easy to use and provides professional, impeccable results.

Epilaser features the sophisticated and effective Gentle Laser Technology (GLT) and CAM Control developed by Epilady. The front of the device has a microscopic camera that transmits to a special screen provided with the kit or to your home computer, in real time, what Epilaser is doing. Thanks to CAM Control, you can ensure proper monitoring and accuracy every step of the process, so that only the hair’s root (not the skin) is affected by the laser.

Epilaser uses a monochromatic wavelength that does not heat the hemoglobin, blood vessels or cells. Only the hair’s root is affected, because the radius of the beam is very small and the distribution of energy is limited to the hair’s body alone. With its professional laser technology, Epilaser focuses only on the pigment of the hair’s body and the root.




Gentle Laser Touch

Technological Revolution at the Service of Beauty

Epilaser’s unique technology, called Gentle Laser Touch (GLT), is based on an infrared (IR) laser at a wavelength of 808 nm.

When you press the Epilaser ON/OFF button, a thin laser beam accurately targets the hair’s root, generating heat that is not sensed by the skin. The hair’s root, which absorbs most of the beam’s energy, is destroyed or significantly damaged. If the root is destroyed, it will be removed permanently; if it is only damaged, it may continue growing, but it will be thinner. You can continue treating this hair until it is permanently destroyed.

GLT technology offers maximum accuracy thanks to the combination of the targeted laser beam and CAM Control, a hidden miniature camera that transmits in real time, providing you with absolute control. Only the hair and its root are affected, not the skin around it.

After using Epilaser, your skin will not be red, itchy or suffer any other damages that are typical of laser treatments. With Epilaser, you can safely increase the number and frequency of the treatments, improving the results and the smooth look of your skin.

Epilaser’s Experts Answer Your Questions


Is Epilaser suitable also for men?

Yes. Epilaser can be used by both men and women.

Can children use Epilaser? What’s the minimum age?

In general, laser hair removal is not recommended for children under the age of 15.

Is Epilaser good for all skin tones?

Epilaser is not suitable for people with dark skin; in other words, people whose skin is darker than a shade of tan.
To see whether Epilaser is good for you, check your skin tone on the color scale.

What type of hair is Epilaser good for?

Epilaser is good for any type of hair. However, you should know that the darker and thicker the hair, the better the chances of the treatment’s success.

Where on the body can Epilaser be used?

Epilaser is for small areas of the body like the chin, above the upper lip, underarms, toes, etc.

What’s the number and duration of treatments necessary to permanently remove the hair?

Each woman has a different biology, skin tone and type, hair color and thickness, etc. So each woman will respond differently to the treatment. Most women begin to see an improvement as soon as the third or fourth treatment. You can reach optimum results within about three months. Improvement is also seen when the number of hairs that grow decreases, and when they become smaller, lighter and thinner.

Is Epilaser unsafe for the skin?

No. Epilaser is safe. However, you must carefully read the instructions in the leaflet included with the package. In any case, the unit’s beam should not be directed at the eyes.

Are there people who shouldn’t use Epilaser?

In general, there are a number of people who may not use laser hair removal. These include women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis, and people with herpes.

Does the treatment with Epilaser hurt?

No, it does not. Depending on your skin type, you may feel gentle heat and a tingling sensation during the treatment. The tingling sensation means that the hair’s root is being targeted by the laser and is normal. You may also experience some skin sensitivity at the end of the treatment. By washing with cold water after the treatment, any redness and discomfort will disappear quickly. If you feel pain or any other unusual symptoms, stop treatment immediately.

What is Epilaser’s shelf life? Is it necessary to buy and replace a lamp or battery?

Epilaser was designed so that you won’t need to spend any more money after buying it. The batteries are rechargeable with the USB cable provided.




Osnat, 37, Beit Dagan
"Nothing embarrassed me more than several facial hairs that always grew in the same place. I tried everything – waxing, plucking, electrolysis. But nothing worked. The hairs kept growing in the same place. Since discovering Epilaser, I'm a new person. I have nothing to be ashamed of!"

Alma, 25, Afula
"I must confess that I was skeptical at first. Me and lasers? And on my own? I was shocked at how simple it is and how quickly the hair vanished! Thank you, Epilaser, for the invention that changed my life!"

Yasmin Weissmnan, Beautician, Hair-Removal Expert
"I've been a beautician for… I don't know, who can remember? At least 15 or 16 years. Until recently, I used the devices available on the market. They are good and top of the line, but the same devices used by all hair-removal salons and beauticians. Until now, laser hair removal could only be offered by trained professionals. I am very happy to recommend Epilaser. It is indeed a unique product. I got Epilaser to try and evaluate from the professional perspective. At first I was skeptical, but after trying it, I was surprised to see that the results are better than with the product I’m currently using. The hair disappeared, and my skin remained smooth, soft and free of irritation.
I certainly recommend it!"